support options=mr with op=hget

Issue #17 resolved
Christoph Anton Mitterer created an issue


Well I've just noted this when updating my example websites (see issue 16): The HKP draft defines that option=mr which gives back machine readable responses.

I case of op=get it (absolutely reasonably) returns the key "as file" (and not as HTML page) with the correct MIME type.

In case of op=hget that doesn't seem to work, although it would be a reasonable candidate for the same behaviour.

But,... I personally have absolutely no real need for this, as I never use hget.

In case this should be implemented, please notify me, so that I can send you adapted versions of my XHTML+ES example site, which then allows the combination hget + mr.

Cheers, Chris.

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  1. John Clizbe

    It would appear BitBucket's reply to this email to comment feature doesn't work that well

    I had written asking you to test your request against, but since that went awry I tested it myself before committing

    committed changeset 358:496fa83faa6f

  2. Christoph Anton Mitterer reporter


    Tested it now and hget works with mr....

    BUT,... a regression or so might have gotten in: When I search for "Christoph Anton Mitterer" at my keyserver with displaying SKS hashes,... it tells me: A04C851C3DAB89EE8EB233A73BFEDF63

    On your's it gives: D150D6EBAC8075B272E1690F52A56E78 => bad request => works

    Cheers, Chris.

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