cryptokit 1.7 fails to build with ocaml < 3.12.1

Issue #24 resolved
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using changeset 358:8b086323f5ef, I am unable to compile on CentOS 6.5.

[root@nocproj sks-keyserver]# make dep ocamldep -pp camlp4o .mli .ml > .depend [root@nocproj sks-keyserver]# make all tar xmvfz cryptokit-1.7.tar.gz (SNIP) ... (SNIP) cd cryptokit-1.7/src && make all make[1]: Entering directory /root/src/sks-keyserver/cryptokit-1.7/src' ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" rijndael-alg-fst.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" stubs-aes.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" d3des.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" stubs-des.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" arcfour.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" stubs-arcfour.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" sha1.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" stubs-sha1.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" sha256.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" stubs-sha256.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" ripemd160.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" stubs-ripemd160.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" blowfish.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" stubs-blowfish.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" keccak.c ocamlc -g -c -ccopt "-O -I/usr/include -DHAVE_ZLIB" stubs-sha3.c stubs-sha3.c:39: error: ‘custom_compare_ext_default’ undeclared here (not in a function) make[1]: *** [stubs-sha3.o] Error 2 make[1]: Leaving directory/root/src/sks-keyserver/cryptokit-1.7/src' make: *** [cryptokit-1.7/src/cryptokit.cma] Error 2 [root@nocproj sks-keyserver]#

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  1. Kristian Fiskerstrand

    I might get around to trying to replicate this over the next few days. In order for that to be possible, can you please provide some additional info about your system, in particular which version of ocaml you're trying to build with?

  2. John Clizbe

    builds for me w/o issue - Mac OSX, Slackware Linux x86, Solaris 10 SPARC

    Kristian, also gcc. The errors are being passed up to ocamlc from the gcc compiler being called.

  3. Kristian Fiskerstrand

    cryptokit 1.7 depends on ocaml 3.12.1. with its use of custom_compare_ext_default. I can either try to patch my way around it ( 3.12 define it as caml/custom.h:#define custom_compare_ext_default NULL by default, so an #ifndef to patch the affected file might be sufficient, or we can require 3.12.1 by default)

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