RFE: ReAdd details in Exceptions

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Dominik Schürmann created an issue

bug report on our issue page: https://github.com/open-keychain/open-keychain/issues/723

pool.sks-keyservers.net always shows the same error:
Error handling request
Error handling request. Exception raised.


pgp.mit.edu works and shows more detailed ones:
( Invalid_argument("Too many responses") )

( Invalid_argument("Insufficiently specific words") )

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  1. Kristian Fiskerstrand

    The issue is still logged for the server administrator but was removed from view for visitors in 1.1.5

  2. Dominik Schürmann reporter

    So this is intentional behavior? Can we as the client somehow differentiate between the cases: 1) too many results 2) insufficiently specific words 3) all other errors ?

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