Curve25519 OID for encryption

Issue #36 resolved
Yutaka Niibe
created an issue

In GnuPG 2.1.7 or later, encryption with Curve25519 is supported (if linked with newer libgcrypt of development version). Here is a patch to accept keys created by GnuPG 2.1.x with newer libgcrypt.

No, it's not defined in standard yet.

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  1. Kristian Fiskerstrand

    Thanks for the OID. It should be trivial enough to include, but I'll review it once I have some free time (hopefully next week). Is the curve/OID documented anywhere, even if it is not a IETF ID/standardized?

  2. Scott Mcdermott

    the patch doesn't make any changes to op=vindex to display the curve name, etc. that said, if it lets the server send the key with recv-keys (as it doesn't for cv25519 keys at the moment), it would still be a good thing to add nonetheless. I'd love to test this with my subkey if someone has one running somewhere...

  3. Kristian Fiskerstrand

    Pool questions is really unrelated to this issue tracker, so better bring it through the regular communication channels (sks-devel ML most likely). That said; min version across all pools atm is 1.1.5

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