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Christoph Anton Mitterer
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The currnent way basedir works is a bit undesirable, especially when one wants to build FHS compatible packages.

See for example the madness that debian does in order to get SKS FHS compatible, thereby making -basedir basically useless.

IMHO the concept of basedir is anyway wrong, SKS should either allow to specify all the locations manually (i.e. command line switches for the /etc/sks dir, /var/log/sks dir, /var/lib/sks dir, etc.) or even better (and as most projects do) hard compile this and make it configurable via the build system.

In both cases, -basedir would probably go away.

Cheers, Chris.

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  1. John Clizbe

    Actually, basedir won't go away. The rpm-based distros: Redhat, Fedora, Centos, as well as the BSD ports all use the SKS code as it is distributed. This would also seem to be the case for folks building SKS on other OSes: Mac OSX, Solaris, Windows(Cygwin)

    I've been looking at ways to accommodate the FHS crowd in a way that does not break existing behavior. As a maintainer that requirement is pretty much an absolute. Something that works "almost automagically" would be my preference.

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