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Leslie P. Polzer  committed a001128

prime number demo: set a limit apart from MOST-POSITIVE-FIXNUM (patch by Johan Ur Riise <johan@riise-data.no>

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+* port to ccl, ecl
 * introduce global state that doesn't get reset
 * move txn-state to serialize-xxx, local-state

File test/demo1.lisp

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 	       (candidate (if numbers-list (1+ (first numbers-list)) 0))
 	       (largest 0))
-	   (when (> candidate most-positive-fixnum)
+	   (when (> candidate (min most-positive-fixnum 16777215))
 	   (when (prime-p candidate)
 	     (execute system (make-transaction 'tx-add-number candidate))