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;;;; -*- mode: lisp -*-
;;;; $Id$
;;;; The master-slave system keeps one prevalence system in sync with another
;;;; by sending transactions over a socket
;;;; Copyright (C) 2004 Sven Van Caekenberghe, Beta Nine BVBA.
;;;; You are granted the rights to distribute and use this software
;;;; as governed by the terms of the Lisp Lesser General Public License
;;;; (, also known as the LLGPL.

(in-package :cl-prevalence)

(defun start-master-client (prevalence-system &key (host "localhost") (port 7651))
  "Start a connection to host:port to deliver transactions from prevalence-system"
  (stop-master-client prevalence-system)
  (let ((out (s-sysdeps:open-socket-stream host port)))
    (setf (get-transaction-hook prevalence-system)
          #'(lambda (transaction)
              (funcall (get-serializer prevalence-system) 
                       (get-serialization-state prevalence-system))
              (finish-output out)
              (when (eq transaction :stop)
                (close out)))))

(defun stop-master-client (prevalence-sytem)
  "Stop a connection from prevalence-system"
  (with-slots (transaction-hook)
    (when transaction-hook
      (funcall transaction-hook :stop)
      (setf transaction-hook #'identity))))

(defun start-slave-server (prevalence-system &key (port 7651))
  "Start a server on port accepting transactions to be executed on prevalence-system"
   :port port
   :name "prevalence-slave-server"
   :connection-handler #'(lambda (stream)
                            (let ((transaction (funcall (get-deserializer prevalence-system)
                                                        (get-serialization-state prevalence-system))))
                              (if (or (null transaction)
                                      (eq transaction :stop))
                                (execute prevalence-system transaction)))))))

(defun stop-slave-server (server)
  ;; Plato Wu,2009/02/26: stop-server need be exported in s-sysdeps.
  (s-sysdeps::stop-server (caar server))

;;;; eof