cl-prevalence / test / test-master-slave.lisp

;;;; -*- mode: Lisp -*-
;;;; $Id$
;;;; Testing a master-slave connection between two prevalence system (on the same host)
;;;; Copyright (C) 2004 Sven Van Caekenberghe, Beta Nine BVBA.
;;;; You are granted the rights to distribute and use this software
;;;; as governed by the terms of the Lisp Lesser General Public License
;;;; (, also known as the LLGPL.

(in-package :cl-prevalence-test)

(def-suite test-master-slave)

(in-suite test-master-slave)

;; the master and client systems themselves

(defparameter *master-test-system-directory* (pathname "/tmp/master-test-prevalence-system/"))

(defvar *master-test-system* nil)

(defparameter *slave-test-system-directory* (pathname "/tmp/slave-test-prevalence-system/"))

(defvar *slave-test-system* nil)

;; a test object class

(defclass test-system-user (object-with-id)
  ((username :accessor get-username :initarg :username :initform nil)
   (password :accessor get-password :initarg :password :initform nil)))

(defvar *slave-server-name* nil)

(defvar *user-id* nil)

(test test-master-slave-start
  "setup both systems (clearing anything we find)
  setup the slave server and the master to slave connection"
  (when *master-test-system* 
    (totally-destroy *master-test-system*))

  (setf *master-test-system* (make-prevalence-system *master-test-system-directory*))
  (is-true *master-test-system*)
  (totally-destroy *master-test-system*)
  (execute-transaction (tx-create-id-counter *master-test-system*))

  (when *slave-test-system* 
    (totally-destroy *slave-test-system*))
  (setf *slave-test-system* (make-prevalence-system *slave-test-system-directory*))
  (is-true *slave-test-system*)
  (totally-destroy *slave-test-system*)
  (execute-transaction (tx-create-id-counter *slave-test-system*))
  (setf *slave-server-name* (start-slave-server *slave-test-system*))
  (is-true *slave-server-name*)

  (start-master-client *master-test-system*)
  (let ((user (execute-transaction (tx-create-object *master-test-system* 
                                                   '((username "billg")
                                                     (password "windows"))))))
    (setf *user-id* (get-id user)))
  (is-true *user-id*)
;; now do the test

(test test-get-master-user
  (let ((user (find-object-with-id *master-test-system* 'test-system-user *user-id*)))
    (is (and (equal (get-username user) "billg")
	     (equal (get-password user) "windows")))))

(test test-get-slave-user :depends-on '(and test-get-master-user)
      ;; Plato Wu,2009/02/27: because it need time to transfer data from master to slave?
      (sleep 1)
      (let ((user (find-object-with-id *slave-test-system* 'test-system-user *user-id*)))
	(is (and (equal (get-username user) "billg")
		 (equal (get-password user) "windows")))))

(test test-master-slave-end
 " stop the master-slave connection and slave server
  tidy up a bit"
 (stop-master-client *master-test-system*)
 (stop-slave-server *slave-server-name*)

 (close-open-streams *master-test-system*)
 (close-open-streams *slave-test-system*)
;;;; eof