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warning when --align is used in compatibility mode

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 #endif /* GNU_EXT */
   { "interactive", no_argument, NULL, 'i', "where necessary, prompts for user intervention"},
   { "script", no_argument, NULL, 'p', "never prompts for user intervention"},
+#ifdef GNU_EXT
   { "align", required_argument, NULL, 'A', "specify align to be none, cyl, min or opt"},
   { "sector-units", no_argument, NULL, 'u', "use sectors instead of cylinder as a default unit"},
   { "sector-size", required_argument, NULL, 'b', "specify the sector size in bytes"},
   { "cylinders", required_argument, NULL, 'C', "specify the number of cylinders, actually does nothing"},
 	case 't':
+#ifdef GNU_EXT
 	case 'A':
 	  align_type = string_to_align_type(optarg);
 	  if (align_type == ALIGNMENT_INVALID) {
 	      return 0;
       current_partition_align_type = align_type;
 	case 'u':
 	  cylinder_unit = 0;
   *argv_ptr += optind;
+	if(compat_mode && align_type != ALIGNMENT_CYLINDER)
+		{
+			fprintf(stderr, _("Warning: alignment option is ignored in "
+												"util-linux compatibile mode. Switch to cylinder alignment.\n"));
+		}	
   return 1;
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