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Wrote README; corrected version to 0.9, the first release.

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+This is GNU fdisk, a GNU package attempting to replace partitioning programs
+not based on libparted.
+Currently implemented are:
+    * util-linux cfdisk
+    * util-linux fdisk (compatible clone 'lfdisk', extended clone 'gfdisk')
+Implementations targeted (please contribute!):
+    * util-linux sfdisk
+    * mac-fdisk
+    * FreeBSD fdisk
+You need libparted from GNU Parted >= 1.7.0 to compile and run the programs.
+The GNU fdisk home page can be found at
+  Leslie P. Polzer <>
+  GNU fdisk Maintainer
-AC_INIT(fdisk, 0.0.1, [])
+AC_INIT(fdisk, 0.9, [])
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