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newline fixes to aid compatibility with util-linux fdisk (Robert Millan).

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 	cyl_size[strlen (cyl_size) - 1] = '\0';
 	PedSector total_drive_size = heads * sectors * cylinders * sect_size;
-	printf (_("Disk %s: %lld %s, %lld bytes\n"), (*disk)->dev->path, 
+	printf (_("\nDisk %s: %lld %s, %lld bytes\n"), (*disk)->dev->path, 
 		 total_drive_size >= 1000000000 ? 
 		 total_drive_size  / 1000000000 : 
 		 total_drive_size  / 1000000, 
 	ped_free (cyl_size);
-        printf ("\n");
 	/*if (fdisk_list_table == 1)
 	  do_quit (disk);*/
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