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update tags
amended AUTHORS
renamed EFI GPT to GPT.
finally fixed CHECK stuff in acinclude.m4; completed GPLv3 migration.
fix to acinclude.m4
GPLv3, bunch o' changes (see NEWS)
cpp conditionals for compiling without GNU extensions (Robert Millan).
newline fixes to aid compatibility with util-linux fdisk (Robert Millan).
check for return value by Alexey Gladkov.
updated THANKS.
check for check with pkgconfig
updated gettext and removed MKINSTALLDIRS kludge.
Various minor fixes; two patches from Julien Louis <>
TAG 0.9.2
autotools kludge
Minor fixes for 0.9.1
Removed git stuff from release script.
Corrected creation of symlinks (must be created AFTER binary installation).
Corrected case in
Updated NEWS for 0.9. Added release script and scripts/ dir.
Updated POTFILES. Removed m4/ChangeLog from dist.
Wrote README; corrected version to 0.9, the first release.
Added Milko Krachounov to AUTHORS.
ChangeLog removed (virtually)
Milko Krachounov
Enable page up/down in string list choice in cfdisk. I don't think faster scrolling would be needed for partition, as few people would have too many partitions. ( Keywords:
Milko Krachounov
Update cfdisk to use keypad mode, make shortcuts case sensitive and change unit shortcuts. Fix another missing include in tests. ( Keywords:
Milko Krachounov
Fix a missing header in tests. Add files with untested queuing code. ( Keywords:
Milko Krachounov
Make more Linux fdisk-like exception handler. Try to improve localisation issues. ( Keywords:
Milko Krachounov
Implement raw printing of the already written partition table on a hard disk, with a command line argument. Doesn't work on anything but msdos partition tables and can't be used for printing the current partition table, at the moment. ( Keywords:
Milko Krachounov
Implement some of the advanced partition printing in fdisk. It can be considered broken, as it doesn't work as in Linux fdisk, but at least it displays correct values. ( Keywords:
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