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-2006-03-16  Harley D. Eades III  <hde@foobar-qux.org>
-	* src/command.c (fdisk_command_create): Added a new assert 
-	to check to see if malloc returns null.
-2006-03-15  gettextize  <bug-gnu-gettext@gnu.org>
-	* Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): Add po.
-	(ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): New variable.
-	(EXTRA_DIST): Add autotools/config.rpath, autotools/mkinstalldirs,
-	m4/ChangeLog.
-	* configure.ac (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add po/Makefile.in.
+Please see the RCS change log.
 This file is part of GNU fdisk 
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