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Author Commit Message Date Builds
prepare for 1.2.4
fix compilation error when readline is not found, fix bug in default input, fix error in partition system listing, fix some warnings
Leslie P. Polzer
Preparing for 1.2.3.
Support for libparted-1.9
better check for readline library include doc/ and doc/ for people do not have makeinfo
1.2 Release
Christian <>
fix to acinclude.m4
GPLv3, bunch o' changes (see NEWS)
cpp conditionals for compiling without GNU extensions (Robert Millan).
check for check with pkgconfig
updated gettext and removed MKINSTALLDIRS kludge.
autotools kludge
Minor fixes for 0.9.1
Corrected case in
Wrote README; corrected version to 0.9, the first release.
Milko Krachounov
Make fdisk support -s option from Linux fdisk and -t option from GNU cfdisk. Make fdisk support making of a filesystem. Add fdisk man and info page. ( Keywords:
Milko Krachounov
Add support for BSD disklabel editing, which somewhat works. Fix move (add some fuzz to automatic detection of start and end in common.h). Update get_disk_specific_name to cut "Apple_" from names on a Mac partition table, only when it is required to give a shorter string (cfdisk). ( Keywords:
Milko Krachounov
Begin adding tests ( Keywords:
Milko Krachounov
Add a build system. At least it builds. ( Keywords: