fdisk / src / sys_types.h

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Default avatar Christian
merge with patches from Guido Trentalancia
Default avatar pol...@gnu.org
renamed EFI GPT to GPT.
Default avatar pol...@gnu.org
finally fixed CHECK stuff in acinclude.m4; completed GPLv3 migration.
Default avatar Milko Krachounov
Add bsd and sun system types. Make fdisk use them. Implement display of system types in columns. Implement experimental function for fixing the partition order in common.c (needed for lfdisk). Fix some bugs in cfdisk.c and common.c. (fdisk@sv.gnu.org/fdisk--main--0--patch-43)
Default avatar Milko Krachounov
Fix an error with a wrong free in perform_mkpart. Fix choosing partition type in fdisk (ui.c). Make the prompting for partition position to be similar to linux fdisk (get_position in common.c and _construct_prompt in ui.c). Make system types localizable. (fdisk@sv.gnu.org/fdisk--main--0--patch-42)
Default avatar Milko Krachounov
Make partition list get the system id and name from the partition table, when possible. Implement function to change the partition id. This is still a bit messy. Implement partition id list. Make partition type choosing like fdisk's - little changes in _construct_prompt, also implement fdisk_command_line_get_option and rework fdisk_command_line_get_part_type to do it fdisk style. (fdisk@sv.gnu.org/fdisk--main--0--patch-41)
Default avatar Milko Krachounov
Oops, I forgot one file. (fdisk@sv.gnu.org/fdisk--main--0--patch-35)
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