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autotools kludge
Minor fixes for 0.9.1
Corrected case in
Wrote README; corrected version to 0.9, the first release.
Milko Krachounov
Make fdisk support -s option from Linux fdisk and -t option from GNU cfdisk. Make fdisk support making of a filesystem. Add fdisk man and info page. ( Keywords:
Milko Krachounov
Add support for BSD disklabel editing, which somewhat works. Fix move (add some fuzz to automatic detection of start and end in common.h). Update get_disk_specific_name to cut "Apple_" from names on a Mac partition table, only when it is required to give a shorter string (cfdisk). ( Keywords:
Milko Krachounov
Begin adding tests ( Keywords:
Milko Krachounov
Add a build system. At least it builds. ( Keywords: