fdisk / TODO

Rename cfdisk to gcfdisk and make cfdisk a symlink to it. Add a
configure option to remove legacy symlinks, so GNU fdisk and
util-linux counterparts can coexist on one system. This will make it
possible for GNU/Linux distributions and Live CDs to include GNU
fdisk, while leaving util-linux tools included.

- resolve multiple invocations of AC_CANONICAL_HOST in configure
- weed out discrepancies between Linux fdisk and this program
- "--help" command dumps core (may only occur without readline support)
- print error message when a disk label that Linux fdisk doesn't support
  is encountered (?)
- See the source code for others little things
- Adjust change partition system id, typing l or L should work [ DONE ]


This file is part of GNU fdisk
Copyright (C) 2006 Free Software Foundation Inc.

This file may be modified and/or distributed without restriction.  This is
not an invitation to misrepresent the history of GNU fdisk.
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