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Changing dependency to use a keyword in new app template
pre 0.1
Fixing a cmucl path issue for datagrid
Fixing minor issues
Fixing typos in stores
Modifying stores to ensure next-id is always greater than id of all persistent objects (to avoid objects being overwritten)
Modifying object-id to gracefully handle unbound id slot
Modifying scripts to support backend store
Fixing store unit tests to account for order issues without order-by
Adding backend store API, modifying Weblocks to use it, and providing drivers to memory and cl-prevalence stores
Adding support for text type
Adding a password type and rendering support
Testing, documenting and creating a new Weblocks app is now handled through asdf operations.
Updating client script to catch json evaluation errors (so one error doesn't prevent other functions from evaluating)
Fixing an issue that prevented widgets with symbol names containing dashes from updating properly on AJAX
Restructuring code to support CMUCL
Adding support for modal interaction
Changing location of 'root-composite' so it's accessible to everyone
Modifying dependencies to use symbols instead of strings
Adding support for CPS workflow
Redirecting client on non-ajax requests to hide ugly URLs
Adding accessor for root composite
Fixing a unit test due to changing css
Fixing search issues
Fixing input sizing issues on IE6
Moving flash styling from gridedit to datagrid
Fixing mining bar and item ops related issues (IE6 rendering problems, displaying total items, showing delete when selection is off)
Updating default pagination items per page to 15
Integrating pagination widget with datagrid/gridedit
Adding pagination widget
Updating flash widget to set visible style before rendering
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