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Adding docs on translations and release notes. Adding Felipe Prenholato to the authors.

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 Colin Copeland
 David Ray
 Dan Poirier
+Felipe Prenholato
 Rick Testore
 Karen Tracey


 you can submit a proposal ticket. You can also see features which are planned here.
+Submit a Translation
+We are working towards translating django-selectable into different languages. There
+are not many strings to be translated so it is a reasonably easy task and a great way
+to be involved with the project. Infomation on how to make the necessary .po files
+can be found in `the Django documentation <>`_.
 Running the Test Suite


 v0.6.0 (Released TBD)
+- Initial translations (pt_BR). Thanks to Felipe Prenholato for the patch.
 Backwards Incompatible Changes
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