Author: Arne Simon []

A Python implementation for the AboutYou shop API.


Install the package via PIP:

$ pip install aboutyou

Or checkout the most recent version:

$ git clone
$ cd aboutyou-shop-sdk-python
$ python install

Quick Start

  1. Register for an account at the [AboutYou Devcenter]( and create a new app. You will be given credentials to utilize the About You API.

  2. Modefiy one of the example credential files.

  3. Use the following lines:

    from aboutyou.config import YAMLCredentials
    from import ShopApi
    shop = ShopApi(YAMLCredentials('mycredentials.yml'))
    cagtegory_forest = shop.categories()


Documentation is found at

If you want to build the documentation yourself.

  1. Checkout the git repo.
  2. Go to the doc/ folder.
  3. make html

Change Log

  • 1.0.1:
    • Fixed bug in login url generation
  • 1.0:
    • Added Django backend and middleware
    • Fixed configuration bug
    • Cleand up project structure
    • is not dependent on setuptools
  • 0.9
    • Is now Python 3 compatible.
    • Test cases with mocking.
    • Added Auth module.
    • Moved thin api wrapper in own api module.
    • The app credentials are now seperated from the other configurations.
  • 0.3:
    • Additional docmentation.
    • Auto fetch flag.
    • PyPI integration.
    • YAML configuration files.
  • 0.2:
    • Caching with Memcached and pylibmc.
    • EasyAboutYou has function, getSimpleColors.
    • Error handling fix.
  • 0.1:
    • Products return now there url to the mary+paul shop.
    • Dirty caching without memcached.
    • EasyCollins products are no bulk requests.
    • Extended documentation for EasyAboutYou.