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 Akhet was created as a bridge between Pylons 1 and Pyramid, for Pylons
-developers who were trying to understand the new framework.  Now that Pyramid is a
+developers who were trying to understand the new framework.  It evolved out of
+a Pyramid/SQLAlchemy application scaffold, gradually adding more Pylons-like
+features and tutorial-level documentation. Now the documentation has taken
+center stage and the scaffold has been retired.  Why this reversal? The
+'akhet' scaffold was widely used and helped programmers get started with Pyramid. But
+scaffolds proved to be difficult to maintain and keep up to date. 
+Now that Pyramid is a
 year old, we can see what application developers are doing after trying both
 Akhet and "raw" Pyramid side by side.  Pyramid itself is evolving, adding
 features and moving away from Paste, and Akhet must evolve along with it. We