Author Commit Message Date
Set Mako's 'strict_undefined' option in the app template.
Fix bug that may have prevented from finding INI stanza.
Make 'pyramid_sqla' a dependency in the app template. Remove
Change the app template to use ``add_static_route`` as a ``config`` method.
Merge chrism's code.
Chris McDonough
Test __init__ functions 100%; fix minor error representation bug in add_engine.
Chris McDonough
Chris McDonough
Add tests for add_static_route and StaticViewPredicate.
Chris McDonough
Use a keyword arg for view= as add_route arg ordering is not promised stable.
Chris McDonough
- Better coverage by removing dead/unused code.
Chris McDonough
Add ignore for an env26 directory for localized virtualenv testing.
Chris McDonough
Don't log in static predicate.
Chris McDonough
Unused import.
Chris McDonough
No such global named config_session.
Delete unneeded development code in
Don't include source files in rendered docs.
Update links.
Added tag v1.0rc1 for changeset 378adf16b637
MIT license.
Add production.ini to application template.
"commit veto" feature.
Added tag v0.2 for changeset 7a5b0538089e
Adjust application template for 'pyramid_handlers' spinoff in Pyramid 1.0a10.
Mike Orr
Added tag v0.1 for changeset bbf39ab8b460
Mike Orr
Set release date and download links.
Mike Orr
Clean up for release.
Get documentation ready for release.
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