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Version: 2.0, released XXXX-XX-XX
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Akhet is a set of tutorial-level documentation and convenience code for Pyramid. Version 2 focuses more heavily on documentation, and does not contain an application scaffold [1]. Instead the documentation shows how to customize Pyramid's built-in scaffolds to give a Pylons-like environment. The documentation focuses on things that either aren't in the Pyramid manual or deserve highlighting, and it also discusses the tradeoffs between various alternative APIs. The Akhet library (the convenience classes) are unchanged in this release.

Akhet 2.0 runs on Python 2.5 - 2.7. The next version will probably add Python 3 support and drop Python 2.5, as Pyramid 1.3 is doing.

The word "akhet" is the name of the hieroglyph that is Pylons' icon: a sun shining over two pylons. It means "horizon" or "mountain of light".

[1]The term "scaffold" is the same as "application template", "paster template", and "skeleton". Pyramid has standardized on the term "scaffold" to avoid confusion with HTML templates.