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Version: 2.0, released XXXX-XX-XX
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Akhet is a set of tutorial-level documentation and convenience code for Pyramid. Version 2 focuses more heavily on documentation, and does not contain an application scaffold [1]. Instead of a scaffold, the documentation shows how to customize Pyramid's built-in scaffolds to give a Pylons-like environment. The Akhet library (the akhet Python package) is still around; it's unchanged in this release.

Akhet 2.0 runs on Python 2.5 - 2.7. The next version will probably add Python 3 support and drop Python 2.5, as Pyramid 1.3 is doing.

The word "akhet" is the name of the hieroglyph that is Pylons' icon: a sun shining over two pylons. It means "horizon" or "mountain of light".

[1]The term "scaffold" is the same as "application template", "paster template", and "skeleton". Pyramid has standardized on the term "scaffold" to avoid confusion with HTML templates.