Akhet / docs / appendix / no_site_packages.rst

Appendix: --no-site-packages

The --no-site-packages option to virtualenv avoids conflicts between Python packages inside the virtualenv and possibly-incompatible packages installed globally. It's generally recommended for Pyramid. I needed --no-site-packages for Ubuntu 10, which uses certain Zope packages in the OS. zope is a namespace package, and distributions under namespace packages can't be split between multiple site-packages directories. I'm not sure if Ubuntu 11.11 has the same limitation.

The tradeoff is that with --no-site-packages, you have to install your own packages with C extensions (database libraries, PIL, NumPy, etc) rather than relying on the OS packages. Some of these can be difficult to install if they involve C. You may be able to get around this by making a symlink from the virtulenv's site-packages directory to the global package, but it may take some work to make the package happy.

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