Chris McDonough committed 553221c

add a __hash__ method to ActionPredicate so its phash will compare equal to one with the same action in bfg a12+

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 class ActionPredicate(object):
     action_name = 'action'
     def __init__(self, action):
+        self.action = action
             self.action_re = re.compile(action + '$')
         except (re.error, TypeError), why:
         if action is None:
             return False
         return bool(self.action_re.match(action))
+    def __hash__(self):
+        # allow this predicate's phash to be compared as equal to
+        # others that share the same action name
+        return hash(self.action)


         request.matchdict = {'action':'myaction'}
         self.assertEqual(pred(None, request), True)
+    def test___hash__(self):
+        pred1 = self._makeOne()
+        pred2 = self._makeOne()
+        pred3 = self._makeOne(action='notthesame')
+        self.assertEqual(hash(pred1), hash(pred2))
+        self.assertNotEqual(hash(pred1), hash(pred3))
+        self.assertNotEqual(hash(pred2), hash(pred3))
 class Dummy(object):
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