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Pylons is a rapid web application development framework.

Full documentation is available online at


Installation instructions are at

If you want to install from source you can run the following command:

python install

This will display a message and download setuptools if the module is not already installed. It will then install Pylons and all its dependencies. You may need root priveledges to install setuptools.


To test the source distribution you will need to install Pylons as well some additional tools.

easy_install TurboKid TurboCheetah "Kid==0.9.4" "Cheetah=2.0rc8"

Kid 0.9.6 does not currently pass the tests. Cheetah 2.0rc8 requires compilation and is not available directly from the Cheeseshop. You can compile and install it on Debian with these commands:

sudo apt-get install python-dev build-essential

Once the required packages are installed you can run the tests with the following command in the root of the source tree:


Module Documentation

Generating module documentation also requires specific tools. You will need to install subversion the issue the following commands:

easy_install "pudge==dev" Pygments "Buildutils==dev" TurboKid Kid

Then to build the documentation use this command:

python pudge -m pylons
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