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values_for_options() helper.

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     opts_html = literal("\n%s\n" % opts_html)
     return, **attrs)
+def values_for_options(options):
+    """Given an ``options`` argument for ``select``, return the values.
+       >>> values_for_options(["A", 1, ("b", "B")])
+       ['A', u'1', 'b']
+    """
+    values = []
+    for value in options:
+        if not isinstance(value, (basestring, int, long)):
+            value = value[0]   # Get rid of the label.
+        if not isinstance(value, basestring):
+            value = unicode(value)
+        values.append(value)
+    return values
 class ModelTags(object):
     """A nice way to build a form for a database record.
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