Anonymous committed eabf07c

[svn] fixed button_to_function returning extra text, and added a test
for this function
resolves: #51

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     def test_link_to_function_with_html_args(self):
         self.assertEqual("""<a href="/home" onclick="alert('Hello World!'); return false;">Greeting</a>""",
                link_to_function("Greeting", "alert('Hello World!')", href="/home"))
+    def test_button_to_function(self):
+        input_str = \
+            """<input onclick="alert('Hello World!'); " type="button" value="Greeting"></input>"""
+        self.assertEqual(input_str,
+                         button_to_function("Greeting", "alert('Hello World!')"))
 if __name__ == '__main__':
     suite = [unittest.makeSuite(TestJavascriptHelper)]
     for testsuite in suite:
-        unittest.TextTestRunner(verbosity=1).run(testsuite)
+        unittest.TextTestRunner(verbosity=1).run(testsuite)


     options = dict(type_="button", value=name, onclick="%s; " % function)
-    return content_tag("input", name, **options)
+    return content_tag("input", "", **options)
 def escape_javascript(javascript):
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