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Chris McDonough
HTTPNotFound and HTTPForbidden are not treated specially; the non-HTTP exceptions NotFound and Forbidden are though
Raise version to 1.1 ,
First draft. All sections finished except a few at the end.
Work so far.
Work so far.
Work so far.
Work so far.
Work so far.
Work so far.
Work so far.
Work so far.
Add Pyramid Migration Guide (unfinished)
Delete out-of-date content.
Update alpha.rst and half of default.rst, change styles.
Update introductory articles.
Add cd34 case study, stub quickwiki page. Updates.
Add links page, change titles and descriptions, delete unused 'analysis' page.
Rename to "Pyramid Supplemental Docs", add logo and copyright page.
Don't include source files in rendered HTML.
Additions and wording.
Rename "hello" app to "Hello". Changes based on CM feedback. Add version warnings.
Chris McDonough
add comments
Finish high-level analysis of the default Pylons application.
Add emails, and begin Hello sample application.
Routing vars and action args are no longer passed to ``tmpl_context``.
Refactor for version 1.0 and Pylons/BFG development version.
Migrate changes from Pylons docs.
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