pyramid_sqla / CHANGES.txt

- ``add_static_route`` is now a Pyramid config method if you call the new
  ``includeme`` function. This is used in the application template.
- Add ``pyramid_sqla`` as a dependency in the application template.
- Delete Console scripts are more flexible than "paster
- Fix but that may have prevented from finding the INI stanza.
- 100% test coverage contributed by Chris McDonough.
- Delete unneeded development code in

1.0rc1  (2010-01-26)

- 'pyramid_sqla' application template supports commit veto feature in
  repoze.tm2 1.0b1.
- Add production.ini to application template.
- Delete stray files in application template that were accidentally included.

0.2  (2011-01-19)

- Pyramid 1.0a10 spins off view handler support to 'pyramid_handlers' package.
- 'pyramid_sqla' application template depends on Pyramid>=1.0a10.

0.1  (2011-01-12)

- Initial release.
- Warning: a change in Pyramid 1.0a10 broke applications created using the
  this version's application template. To run existing applications under Pyramid
  1.0a10 and later, add a 'pyramid_handlers' dependency to the ``requires``
  list in and reinstall the application.
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