Unipath / CHANGES


0.2.1, released 2008-05-19 by MSO
 - Delete spurious references to deleted ``unipath.platform`` package.

0.2.0, released 2008-05-??
 - Rename Path to AbstractPath, and FSPath to Path.  FSPath remains as an
   alias for backward compatibility.
 - Allow integers in constructor.
 - Path.mkdir() checks whether the directory exists first.
 - Test suite now uses nose instead of unittest.
 - "+" operator returns concatenated path rather than string.
 - Bugfix in Path.rel_path_to().
 - Thanks to Roman <> for patches and suggestions.
 - Delete Path.symlink(); use Path.write_link() instead -- note that the 
   arg is the desination rather than the source!
 - Path.make_relative_link_to() is a shortcut for
 - Delete the ``platform`` package.  See the tests if you need non-native
   path syntax.`

0.1.0, released 2007-01-28 by MSO
  - Initial release.