Gary Oberbrunner avatar Gary Oberbrunner committed 5eddc5d

New upload-release-files script, and fixed up update-release-info.

update-release-info: allow regular 3-digit releases (not .final.0)
upload-release-files: new, does a lot of the heavy lifting for a release.

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 if mode == 'develop' and version_tuple[3] != 'alpha':
     version_tuple ==  version_tuple[:3] + ('alpha', 0)
-if version_tuple[3] != 'final':
+if len(version_tuple) > 3 and version_tuple[3] != 'final':
     if mode == 'develop':
         version_tuple = version_tuple[:4] + ('yyyymmdd',)
         yyyy,mm,dd,_,_,_ = release_date
         version_tuple = version_tuple[:4] + ((yyyy*100 + mm)*100 + dd,)
 version_string = '.'.join(map(str, version_tuple))
-version_type = version_tuple[3]
+if len(version_tuple) > 3:
+    version_type = version_tuple[3]
+    version_type = 'final'
 if DEBUG: print 'version string', version_string
 if version_type not in ['alpha', 'beta', 'candidate', 'final']:


-# Doc doesn't go to SF, but to
+# stuff:
+# Doc: copy the doc tgz over; we'll unpack later
   scons-doc-$VERSION.tar.gz \$VERSION/
+# Copy the changelog
+  CHANGES.txt \
+# Note that Announce.txt gets copied over to RELEASE.txt.
+# This should be fixed at some point.
+  Announce.txt \
+# Unpack the doc and repoint doc symlinks:
+ssh "
+  cd public_html/production/doc
+  cd $VERSION
+  tar xvf scons-doc-$VERSION.tar.gz
+  cd ..
+  rm latest; ln -s $VERSION latest
+  rm production; ln -s $VERSION production
+echo '*****'
+echo '***** Now manually update index.php, includes/versions.php and news-raw.xhtml on'
+echo '*****'
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