Pymoult is a Pypy library providing a prototyping platform for dynamic software updates (DSU). It provides as many DSU mechanisms from the literature as possible through a generic API.

To read more about dynamic software updates and how Pymoult contributes to this domain you can read the wiki page on DSU

To read the manual of Pymoult, please follow this link


Pymoult is published under the GPLv2 license (see LICENSE.txt)

Pypy-Dsu (required by Pymoult) is a fork of Pypy, published under specific licenses.



Pymoult requires Pypy-Dsu, our custom pypy interpreter enhanced with specific DSU functionalists. You can install it by following the instructions here

Installing on Linux

  1. Install the distribute module for pypy your favorite way

  2. Install pymoult

    $> pypy setup.py install --prefix=<your_prefix>

  3. Export your new PYTHONPATH

    $> export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:<your_prefix>/site-packages

Installing on Archlinux

A package is available on AUR here :



The pydoc can be generated with the doc.sh script

$> bash doc.sh

The pydoc will be generated in the doc folder, open doc/pymoult.html to start browsing.

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