Hey there.

Welcome to wiki for the oauth2python repository.

A humble table of contents

At the moment, these are your options:

  • overview -- a brief (yet very descriptive), three-step overview of the steps necessary to get what you need from the module
  • tutorial -- a "Hello, World!" tutorial. I show you how to write an application that uses Esme to do some OAuth 2.0 resource fetching.
  • docs -- a quickly scribbled documentation.

    So pick where you want to go, don't be shy.

What is it?

An implementation of the client side of OAuth 2.0 -- sporting a different approach.

Why should you bother with it?

Let’s be honest -- there are Python OAuth 2.0 implementations out there. One of them straight from Google. Is there any point in publishing another one?

Yes, if it’s different: instead of providing you with a set of twenty loosely-connected classes and methods that will merely aid you during your trip through the OAuth 2.0 flow, this implementation strives to make the process of token acquisition, storing, refreshing and -- ultimately -- using as simple and hassle-free as sanely possible.

A few features to highlight:

  • one object to rule them all
  • automagic token refreshing
  • complete AppEngine (Datastore + Memcache) integration

Also, a live demo application is available right here.

Get started!


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