Scheme 9 From Empty Space (Reimagined), Martian Edition

This is the source for s9fes with patches to make it build on 9front plus some extras.

last upstream sync 20181205

New Stuff

  • now calling it 'Martian Edition' so people understand it's a tainted version of the real s9fes
  • added several sys: help files for plan9
  • added sys:userpasswd for accessing factotum (plan9 only)
  • added a simple json module to the library
  • added a (defer) function to allow atexit() hooks
  • added a curl extension (for unix)
  • worked quite a bit on 9p interaction [wip]

Other Notes

  • I've probably left development messages in the code, in case you see something weird
  • Everything I've added is suspect.
  • The plan9 "sys:" stuff isn't fully documented (yet).
  • The "Reimagined" version has introduced some build warnings in plan9.