The AcATaMa is a Qgis plugin for Accuracy Assessment of Thematic Maps. It was designed mainly for: to assess the accuracy of thematic maps, to estimate areas of the map classes, sampling design/classification and others.


Home page documentation:


  • The plugin can be installed using the QGIS Plugin Manager
  • Go into Qgis to Plugins menu and Manage and install plugins
  • In All section search for AcATaMa click and press Install plugin
  • The plugin will be available in the Plugins menu and Plugins toolbar

(see more about installation and upgrade)

Source code

The official version control system repository of the plugin:

The home plugin:

The home plugin in

Issue Tracker

Issues, ideas and enhancements:

Get involved

The AcATaMa plugin is open source and you can help in different ways:

  • help with developing and/or improve the docs cloning the repository and doing the push request (howto).
  • or just test it, report issues, ideas and enhancements in the issue tracker.

Copyright (C) Xavier Corredor Llano
Sistema de Monitoreo de Bosques y Carbono (SMByC)
General Public License - GPLv3