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Fixed front page.

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         'scans': SCANS_EXIST,
         'colors': COLORS,
+    cards = []
     if search_type == 'Name':
         return_value['searched'] = True
         cards = Card.objects.filter(name__startswith=search_string).all()
     if len(cards):
         for card in cards:
+    else:
+        return show_index(request)
     return_value['results'] = results
     return render(request, 'search.html', return_value)
     card = Card.objects.order_by('?')[0]
     return card
+def show_index(request):
+    card = random_card()
+    card.oracle_text = card.oracle_text.replace('\n', '\n\n')
+    return render(request, 'card.html', {"card": card, 'scans': SCANS_EXIST, 'colors': COLORS})
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