What is the Aries Engine?

The Aries Engine is a fast, powerful, cross-platform, free software 2D game engine. It’s simple enough for a beginner to use, while powerful enough for professional work. If you know a little programming or a lot, you can start developing games for desktop and mobile platforms with the Aries Engine today.

If you'd like to make video games quickly and easily, the Aries Engine is for you. The Aries Engine is 32-bit and 64-bit clean, endian-clean, and has been tested on three major architectures (x86, PPC, and ARM). It runs on a variety of desktop platforms, including Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X (Intel and PPC), and Microsoft Windows. It also runs on the Android and iOS mobile platforms.

The Aries Engine also comes with bindings for a variety of popular programming languages, and more are in the works.

What you get with the Aries Engine

With this engine, you get the usual features like:

  • sprites and tile-based maps--and both can be animated
  • collision detection, with bounding box and pixel-accurate resolution
  • text strings with loadable fonts
  • sound and song playback
  • input management, covering keyboard, mouse, joystick, and touchscreen/multitouch support

The Aries Engine gives you all of the basic functionality you'll need to create platformers, side-scrollers, action/adventure games, just like the classic 2D Nintendo or Sega games. The Aries Engine goes further, though, and gives you some really unique and fun stuff:

  • Split-screen views and viewports
  • Graphics filters, including brightness and contrast-adjusting frames, convolution kernels, color-replacement filters--think Photoshop, but live and running in your game with no performance penalty
  • Sprite frame composition, so you can layer multiple effects in a single sprite
  • A unique “motion control program” system--you can write short sprite-control programs in a simple language, to create dazzling particle systems and environmental effects that run great on just about any hardware platform
  • A built-in event scheduling system

The Aries Engine is freely available under a permissive MIT license. You can use it in mobile apps, shareware, commercial software, GPL'd software, whatever you like.