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Fork of the Arch Linux initscripts without systemd support, code clean-up and tweaks. Based on 2012.05.1.

Changes so far

  • Busybox compatibility
  • Stripped all systemd reference and code
  • Removed the Network functionality
  • Stripped vconsole.conf need and support only the "legacy" rc.conf style
  • Using hostname utility instead of setting up hostname on own
  • Using sysctl from procps-ng without separate Bash script
  • Calling pre and post udev functions in main scripts as the others
  • Stripped release references
  • Imported some fixes from upstream
  • Refactored messages functions
  • start_daemon, stop_daemon, etc. superseeded by rc.d (some common daemon functions still left tough)
  • Improved rc.d Bash completion
  • Backgrounding daemons is no more
  • LVM2, Btrfs and RAID support is no more, you will have to use hooks to make it work
  • Local scripts (rc.local and rc.local.shutdown) are no more, hooks should be used instead
  • Grouped functions in format <group><program><action> to be more self-explaining
  • Improved/added manual pages
  • Moved system setup, unnessary for basic boot, from rc.sysinit to rc.multi
  • Introduced parallelization of tasks
  • Introduced daemons state control from rc.d itself
  • Code clean-up, tweaks, etc.


Upstream commits that need research and some manual work to be applied:


  • Use more local variables in functions
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