Pokemon Drinking Game

This Pokemon Drinking Game is built using jQuery and impress.js. Check it out on my website.

The Board

Pokemon Drinking Game Board

Game features:

  • track of player positions
  • Stops players on gold squares no matter their roll.
  • Changes a player's token to yellow when landing on tile 4 (You caught a Pikachu!).
  • up to 9 players

How to play:

  1. Open index.html in a modern browser that supports CSS3 transforms and transitions.
  2. Enter up to 9 player names and select the one of three starter pokemon tokens.
  3. Read the instructions in the center of the board.
  4. Press the s key or click player 1's name in the control bar to view player 1's token.
  5. Press the e key or press the "Roll" button to roll a D6. (you can also enter values manually including negative values for certain events or if using real dice).
  6. Press the w key to move the current player the "rolled" number of spaces.
  7. Follow the instructions on the tile.
  8. Press the d key or the > button in the control bar to switch to the next character.
  9. Repeat steps 5 - 8 until everyone is drunk or someone wins.

Keyboard shortcuts:

e = roll a D6
w = move spaces rolled
a = go to previous player
d = go to next player
s = go to currently selected player
q = game overview


The game does not force players to round robin turns since certain tiles have certain "effects".