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 This mini-library provides (packed in `Bufx`) the module `Transform`
 which implements the API defined in `TRANSFORM`.
+`Bufx.Transform.t` is a container for buffered transformations over
+streams modeled in the style of the [Cryptokit] library for the
+[Biocaml] project (see the `biocaml` application for extensive use
+—and testing— of the module).
+Being *“Passive”* means that a transform does not *pull* from a
+stream, it has to be *fed* with data; this allows to write stream
+transformations (like file-formats parsing/printing) that are
+compatible with both “normal” I/O (like `in_channel`) and asynchronous
+libraries (like `Lwt_unix` or `Async_unix`).
 Composition Functions
+The `TRANSFORM` API provides functions to play *Lego* with basic
+`Transform.t` values in order to build more complex ones. Here are
+graphical representations of those functions:
 <pre>val compose: ('a, 'b) t -> ('b, 'c) t -> ('a, 'c) t</pre>
 <div class="figure" style="max-width : 50%" title="Compose">