Sebastien Mondet  committed 6a4152f

build: fix build (threads and lwt.preemptive)

While the fix of the bug in Lwt [329][Lwt#329] is not shipped in an
official release, the implementation of the `System` module depends on
`lwt.preemptive` and hence on a *POSIX threads* implementation.


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 archive(native) = "pvem_lwt_unix.cmxa"
 archive(native, plugin) = "pvem_lwt_unix.cmxs"
 exists_if = "pvem_lwt_unix.cma"
-requires = "pvem unix lwt.unix"
+requires = "pvem unix threads lwt.preemptive lwt.unix"
       chain [
         "cp ../ .";
-        "ocamlfind ocamlc -package pvem,unix,lwt.unix -c -o pvem_lwt_unix.cmo";
-        "ocamlfind ocamlopt -package pvem,unix,lwt.unix -c  -annot -bin-annot -o pvem_lwt_unix.cmx";
+        "ocamlfind ocamlc -package pvem,unix,threads,lwt.preemptive,lwt.unix -thread -c -o pvem_lwt_unix.cmo";
+        "ocamlfind ocamlopt -package pvem,unix,threads,lwt.preemptive,lwt.unix -thread -c  -annot -bin-annot -o pvem_lwt_unix.cmx";
         "ocamlc pvem_lwt_unix.cmo -a -o pvem_lwt_unix.cma";
         "ocamlopt pvem_lwt_unix.cmx -a -o pvem_lwt_unix.cmxa";
         "ocamlopt pvem_lwt_unix.cmxa pvem_lwt_unix.a -shared -o pvem_lwt_unix.cmxs";
     in_build_directory (fun () ->
         chain [
           "mkdir -p doc";
-                       sprintf "ocamlfind ocamldoc -package pvem,unix,lwt.unix -charset UTF-8 -keep-code -colorize-code -html -d doc/";
+                       sprintf "ocamlfind ocamldoc -package pvem,unix,threads,lwt.preemptive,lwt.unix -thread -charset UTF-8 -keep-code -colorize-code -html -d doc/";
 let name = "pvem_lwt_unix"