# __Anomalous Gender Presentation Detected__ Part of my senior thesis on facial recognition and surveillance - an interactive, web-based deconstruction of gender classification algorithms, implemented with PNaCl and OpenCV. Online [here]( See `src/agpd/module` for source. ### Also includes: * Tools to train and test OpenCV Fisherface models (`src/utils`) * Demo of loading URLs and local files in PNaCl (`src/pnacl_test`) * Satirical Bootstrap site (`src/agpd`, online [here]( ### Libraries and Templates: * OpenCV 2.4.9 * NaCl Pepper SDK * Start Bootstrap [Grayscale]( template See Matt McDonnell's [ImageProc]( demo for instructions on building OpenCV for NaCl. ### Notes Anomalous Gender Presentation Detected copyright (c) 2016 by Sam Posner ( Distributed under the BSD 2-Clause license See LICENSE.txt or visit