Basic auth module for 2z

 This module is a basic mondatory auth module for 2z.
It's required for system and can't be turned off.

 Plugin allows you to do the following:
* authenticate users in 2z based web-site
* use another prefix for mySQL table with users, this function will allow you
  to use the same users table for several different sites (installed in one
  mySQL DB with different table prefixes)

 SmsCoin - sms:key module

All information within this software product is the
intellectual property of SmsCoin, Israel.

Given software can be used by http://smscoin.com/ clients
for sms:key service only. Any other use of the software
is violation of the company's right and will be pursued
according to operating law.

SmsCoin. Israel will not be held liable for any loss
or damage of any kind as a result of using this software,
including any lost revenues and/or data.

To use this plug-in you have to be registered on smscoin.net
http://smscoin.net/account/register/ , approve
your e-mail account and add service sms:key.

 Registration and set up process are free of charge.

 Plug-in set up
1. Attention!! Please save the original auth_basic module.

2. Copy this plugin instead of the existing one in 2z/extras/auth_basic folder.

3. Set write permissions 777 to 2z/extras/auth_basic/lib/local.js file.

4. Copy the result.php file to root folder.

5. Go to Admin panel of your project "2z-project"-a, in Plugins section you will see
the "Basic auth" - go to plugin configuration section.
6. Configure the plugin by filling out the fields ("SMS key ID number", "Password", "Default language").

7. On smscoin.net website in sms:key settings, check mark "Remote handler password activation" the path 
to http://example.com/result_5.php file. (Password should be according to specified plugin settings)

8. Set the time and requests limit to 0.

 For further questions, please contact SmsCoin technical support
via support@smscoin.com