midiutil / CHANGELOG

Date:       20 October 2009
Version:    0.87

    First public release.

    * Tweaked email address in contact information.
    * Added/updated documentation.
    * Tweaked the file to produce better distributions.

Date:       9 October 2009
Version:    0.86

    * added addNote as main interface into package (not
      addNoteByNumber). It's been a while since I've cut a release,
      so there may be other things that have happened.

    * Created distutils package.

    * Minor code clean-up.

    * Added documentation in-line and in text (MIDIFile.txt).

    * All public functions should now be accessed thought
      MIDIFile directly, and not the component tracks.

Date:    15 January 2009
Version:    0.85

    * Split out from existing work as a separate project.