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#!/usr/bin/env python

import csv

import datatypes
from objects import ADURecord
from structure import ADUFORMAT

_ADUFORMAT_BY_FIELD = dict([(x[0], x) for x in ADUFORMAT])

def write_csv(adu_records, fp):
    """fp can be anything that implements write()."""
    writer = csv.writer(fp)
    writer.writerow([x[0] for x in ADUFORMAT])
    for item in adu_records:

def read_csv(fp):
    Reads a csv file and returns a list of ADURecords.
    All ADU fields must be in the file and they must be in the correct order.
    fp can be anything that implements read().
    reader = csv.reader(fp)
    adus = []
    headings = []
    for record in reader:
        if not headings: # read first record into headings
            headings = [h.strip() for h in record if h.strip() != '']
            for format_field, csv_field in zip(ADUFORMAT, headings):
                if format_field[0] != csv_field:
                    raise Exception(
                        "CSV field '%s' doesn't match the adu format." %
            record_dict = dict(zip(headings, record))
            #dt = datetime.datetime.strptime(record_dict['pledged_at'], '')
            #record_dict['pledged_at'] = dt
            adu_record = ADURecord()
            for field in record_dict:
                datatype = _ADUFORMAT_BY_FIELD[field][3]
                val = datatypes.from_adu(datatype, record_dict[field])
                setattr(adu_record, field, val)
    return adus

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # For testing, pass it a csv file. It will parse it and then recreate it
    # and make sure the new file is the same and the original.
    import subprocess
    import sys
    orig = open(sys.argv[1])
    adus = read_csv(orig)
    new_name = sys.argv[1] + '-out.csv'
    new = open(new_name, 'w')
    write_csv(adus, new)
    if['diff', '-q', sys.argv[1], new_name]) != 0:
        print "Round trip conversion changed info."