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SCons / bin / xml_export-README

This copy of xml_export was snarfed from adocman-0.10 from SourceForge.
We're checking in a copy as a convenience for any future SCons project
administrator who may need to download exported XML data.  The original,
unmodified contents of the README file for that release of adocman are
as follows:

adocman - Automation tool for SourceForge.net DocManager handling
Copyright (C) 2002 Open Source Development Network, Inc. ("OSDN")

File manifest:

Alexandria	perl-based API for performing operations against the
		SourceForge.net site, currently including basic Client
		operations (i.e. login/logout) and DocManager operations

adocman		The adocman program, providing the means to perform
		DocManager operations from the command-line or scripts
		(by project developers or admins listed as DocManager Editors)

xml_export	The xml_export program, providing the means to automate
		downloads of data from the XML data export facility
		on SourceForge.net (by project administrators)

adocman.html	Manual for adocman, including background information,
		command-line options detail, etc.

xml_export.html	Manual for xml_export, including basic info about
		command-line options.  See adocman.html for additional

LICENSE		License terms for adocman

README		This file

TODO		List of ongoing work in improving adocman.  NOTE:
		Please contact the maintainer before starting any effort
		to improve this code.  We have significantly modified
		the structure and design of this program for the next
		release; structure and command-line interface are subject
		to change without notice.

A list of the prerequisites required to execute 'adocman' may be found
at in the PREREQUISITES section of the adocman manual (adocman.html).
Though not listed, a recent installation of 'perl' is also a prerequisite.

Support for this program may be obtained as per the SUPPORT AND BUGS
section of the adocman.html manual.  Any questions or concerns regarding
this software should be escalated as per the SUPPORT AND BUGS section
of the provided manual.

The authoritative source of this software is: