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This is a fork of the DMD tool (the tool for managing compilation and linking of D programming language source code) from the core SCons codebase so as to be able to evolve the tool without having to clone the whole SCons codebase.

D Programming Language Issues

Until 2011-02-18 (1.066, 2.051) the D compiler was a 32-bit application that generated 32-bit code – so on 64-bit platforms special care was needed. As of 2011-02-18 (1.067, 2.052) the D compiler is able to generate 64-bit code on a Linux machine. As of 2011-05-14 (1.068, 2.053) there are 64-bit as well as 32-bit executables, at least for Linux.

Platform Specific Issues

This code has no evolutions for Windows at all (as at 2011-05-14, anyway) and has not been tested on 32-bit Linux, all development is on 64-bit Linux (Debian Testing), with some testing on 32-bit and 64-bit Mac OS X.

Using This Tool

The best way of using this tool instead of the built-in one is to clone this repository to $HOME/.scons/site_scons/site_tools/dmd (if you want it available for all your projects), or <project-home>/site_scons/site_tools/dmd (if you just want the tool for the one project) – remembering of course to regularly do a pull and update to capture any changes made here.

If you want to be able to use both this tool and the one distributed with SCons then instead of dmd in the above paths, perhaps use dmd_new and then remember that the tool name is 'dmd_new' to access this evolved version of the tool.