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+This is a python module that implements Tomasulo's algorithm on a stream of
+instructions and prints when each instruction entered the issue (IS), execute
+(EX), write-back (WB), and commit (CM) stages.  It also notates where
+instructions had to wait for data dependences or structural
+Input is a list of ``tomasulo.Instruction`` which are to be run.  Opcode is the
+opcode of the instruction and is used to decide which functional unit to send
+it to.  Write register is the name of the register that this instruction will
+write to.  Read registers is an iterable of the register names that this
+instruction reads.  You can see an example invocation in ``test.py``.
+**Current Limitations**
+- Hardware is not configurable.  Eventually it might be nice to be able to
+  configure the functional units to have multiple units of a type or to change
+  the mapping from opcode to functional unit.  Or to be able to
+  commit/issue/write-back multiple instructions in a cycle.
+- Limited input format.  It would be nice to be able to use as input a file
+  with the instructions in text.
+- Flexibility in running module.  Right now you have to build a python file and
+  import this module.  It would be nice to be able to run tomasulo.py either
+  directly from the command line or as a python module.
+- Configurable write-back stage.  Currently all instructions use the WB stage.
+  Store and branch instructions technically don't need to -- it might be nice to
+  be able to make this simulator respect that.
+If you have ideas, feel free to open an issue or submit patches or email me or
+whatever.  I'd love to hear them. :-)